translated from Spanish: Girardi calls emergency law that prevents waste of food

Senator Guido Girardi, President of Health Commission of the Senate and author, along with Senator Manuel José Ossandón, of the initiative (10198-11) that “modifies the health code in terms of provision of food to avoid their waste”, took part is You activity Sunday soup, organized by the Fundación feedback disk and that it seeks to “generate awareness against the waste of edible products of good quality,” said the spokesman for the instance, Darío Contreras.
At the time Senator Girardi said that initiative “already passed way cross by the Health Commission and passes to the room by what ask emergency Government since it is very important to build a country less individualistic and solidarity”.
Girardi explained that “on the planet a third of food is lost. That is 14 million Km2 which is cultured, used resource water, pesticides, they emit large amounts of CO2, but not serve anything if they are wasted food generated in those processes, even more so in a world where there are people hungry or without access to consume ali elements of quality”.
And added that “companies or supermarkets will be required to give notice of food soon to beat and deliver them within a suitable period that they are used.” The non-profit institutions that receive these foods have to do it in the corresponding sanitary conditions.”
The parliamentary congratulated the Foundation feedback, “such initiatives have to validate them, strengthen them and overcrowd them because they are fundamental. It is young people with social commitment that retrieve the food quality and offer it for free so that those who want to come to eat. “I wish we had many more organizations like this with ecological, planetary and humanitarian sense”.
Darío Contreras, President of the Foundation feeds and spokesman of movement citizens disk soup pointed out that “seek to make visible the waste of food by a party and using products recovered in fields and fairs and prepared by” Volunteers’ Contreras added that “We invite the community to participate and consume these foods that are in perfect condition, fruits vegetables and bread which for various reasons were rejected by the market and we give a new life so that they are used” .
The President of feedback said that “much that this law be adopted to avoid the waste of food we are interested in. “Only in France, there is a similar initiative, it would be a huge step forward for the country and the world because laws are needed by all moral and environmental impact that have the wasting food”.

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