translated from Spanish: Trump visits area devastated by fire in California

PARADISE, California, USA (AP) — walking among the ashes of a trailer park, President Donald Trump acknowledged Saturday the magnitude of the devastation in the area following a fire fore Stal which left dozens of dead in California.” We will have to work quickly… “” We hope to be the last because it was really very, very serious “, said the President’s standing in the midst of the twisted steel of the burnt vehicles.” We’ve never seen anything like this in California… is a total devastation”, said Trump in Paradise, the town that was virtually destroyed due to a forest fire that began on 8 November and which the President referred to as”the monster”.

With its daring, and perhaps unlikely, prediction, Trump said that improve the management of forests will reduce future risks. The statement by the Chairman recalled his initial reaction on Twitter after the fire, the worst in the history of the State, where he seemed to blame the local authorities and threatened to take away federal funds. When asked if having witnessed this historic devastation which covered kilometers (miles), destroyed neighborhoods and it calcined fields, he altered his opinion on climate change, Trump replied “No”.
The President has expressed his skepticism long on the impact of human activity on the climate and has been reluctant to recognize that global warming has increased the frequency and intensity of natural disasters.

At least 71 people have died in Northern California and the authorities are trying to track down more than a thousand, although it is believed that not all are missing. More than 5,500 items of fire continue fighting the fire that has covered 590 square kilometers (228 square miles) and is contained in 50%, according to officials. For Trump was a day to offer comfort to a State that he regretted two tragedies: the forest fires in Northern and Southern California, as well as a massacre in a bar North of Los Angeles.trump, who wore a cap of camouflage that said “USA” , he noted serious devastation in Paradise.Varios buses and vehicles destroyed by fire lay in the surrounding area. The trees were burned, the branches did not have sheets and were twisted. There was no houses. The fire spread through the area to 128.7 kilometers (80 miles per hour), according to several reports. In this note:

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