translated from Spanish: Minister Moreno: “police is an important institution and requires impeccable behavior”

the Minister of Social development, Alfredo Moreno, described as “extremely serious” the destruction of evidence on the part of the troops who participated in the operation that ended with the death of Camilo Catrillanca in Ercilla.” “” Police is an important institution and requires impeccable behavior, what happened is very serious and the measures taken seem to me to be correct “, told radio dune.” The death of 24-year-old produced an immense sadness throughout the country and that we will make every effort in La Araucanía. We don’t want more young people to lose life in La Araucanía, why will continue to work. Produces an enormous sadness,”he said. Regarding the Declaration of the minor accompanying Catrillanca on the tractor, carabineer fired Yes was a camera, the Secretary of State said that “I don’t know if the Government had such a declaration. I did not know it, and it seems to me that either the Minister of the Interior knew it.” On the crisis in the Region, the owner of Social Development said that “the path of dialogue is the only one who has forward, it is difficult to work when there is great mistrust. We must recognize and share the enormous sorrow of the mapuche people in the region, in that they must persevere. The President has put political capital, resources from the first moment”.” This is a difficult path, it is not a thing to be resolved from one day to another, we require the support of the opposition. Parliamentarians in the area have been great collaboration, we require work with people in the region,”he stressed.

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