translated from Spanish: «We found my dead brother covered with a white blanket»

Escuinapa, Sinaloa-Josué Alejandro, for 8 years, he left his house to play, as he did in the afternoon, a few meters from his house. But this time it did not return. Your children smile was turned off by a man who sexually abused him and killed him.
 The victim’s relatives disappearance provided information of this tragic event, recorded in the Cologne new town, Fuerte River and Rio Quelite, streets in the municipality of Escuinapa, home he attended Josué Alejandro to play, since it is a place frequented by many children because there were video game machines.

Place where it was found the small.

«My brother left the House to play the slot machines and the tazos, as at 07:30 in the afternoon. The minute we went to look for it, but can not find it. Us scared and started to ask neighbors. Four times we went to the home to inquire about Alejandro, but Lords refused saying that they knew nothing,»said his sister. After searching it for several hours, they decided to alert the authorities and ask for their support. It was on the inside of the already designated home where family members and authorities found the child dead, covered with a white blanket. Find «while we went on several occasions to find my brother in that place (business of slot machines), they denied it to us, and it was found, as at 11:30 in the evening, we found my brother died inside, in the second quarter covered with a white blanket.
I had footprints on the neck that stifled him and traces of blows to different parts of your body», said his relative.

Family members demand justice and which stops when the responsible person, a man of about 25 years, who fled the scene after committing the murder. No detainees Juan Carlos Nataren Ovando, director of public safety and Municipal transit, reported that the Corporation was alerted to what had happened and moved to the designated place, where the body of the child was located and they cordoned off the area.

Manifested to seek justice.

He added that there were no detainees, therefore implemented an operation to search for the suspect in coordination with the military police during the Saturday night and early Sunday morning. Until 08:00 yesterday it had failed to detain the suspect. Authority as an outrageous and monstrous fact the serious Mayor Emmett Soto described the assassination of Alejandro Josué. «.» From the first moment that we had knowledge of this so lamentable fact and that angers all of society, support started at the father, who is a worker at City Hall in the area of public works.» Cry justice with the demand for Justice and that the killing of the small Josué Alejandro does not go unpunished, a group of relatives and neighbors of the victim said on the outskirts of the Directorate of public security and Municipal transit. Joshua Alexander, 8-year-old, was murdered, and allegedly abused sexually, when he went to play at the home of a neighbor who had video games machines in your business.
«My mom stayed for me», «This crime does not go unpunished, help us», «this abuser has to pay», «passed once, went back to pass, and Government where is?», «Solo was an Angel of only 8 years old, justice!», were some of the demands that are read in the s banners carrying the protesters on the outskirts of the police Corporation. With heartbreaking voice, María Luisa Morales demanded justice for his nephew. In his demand he regretted this killing could have been prevented if the authorities had treated the previous complaints that had been lodged against this family for alleged sexual harassment of minors. After several minutes keep up the demonstration, Juan Carlos Nataren Ovando, director of public safety and Municipal transit, left the Corporation. Immediately, the relatives demanded not to release three people had been detained during the early morning hours. See starting the police Chief, protesters moved to the public prosecutor’s Office to demand the authorities not to release these people, a request that was ignored, and left free dad, MOM and a sister of the suspect.
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