translated from Spanish: Moreno: died baby had allegedly changed at the hospital

a month ago, Magalí Meneces and Daniel Ledo, reported that they had changed their newborn baby in hospital Mariano and Luciana de la Vega in Moreno. At the beginning they said that it was a girl and put them Agustina, but when they went to see it was a baby. Finally, after the intervention of the justice, DNA confirmed that it was a male that was born. Parents renamed Augustine baby who was born after 33 months of gestation and was interned in observation until November 12. That day he was given the high and the family could go to their house. But on Monday, the couple returned to the hospital where, weeks before he was born, but this time his nervousness was worse. “Cold, cold!”, shouted the father with her baby in her arms. The doctors tried to revive him but could not because he had died several hours. Justice intervened with Leandro Ventricelli, in charge of the UFI N ° 1 of dwell, and called for the Declaration of the couple. Magali spoke at El Diario of Mariana and told that her partner had tried to commit suicide after the death of his son. The mother of the baby explained that when confirmed you that his son had died, Daniel cried and screamed: “what I leave?”. This Tuesday will be autopsy at the morgue of General Rodriguez.

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