translated from Spanish: ‘Once Upon a Deadpool’: the antihero returns to film with a film for kids

rebel, without taboos and armed to the teeth. Deadpool came this way to the cinemas, in mid-2016. The Marvel antihero captivated the adult audience and is located in the top of the most chosen films that combines acid humor and irony with action.

East 2018 was one of the most acclaimed returns. The character premiered his second film, which featured the soundtrack performed by Celine Dion, the performer who got goosebumps from thousands of spectators with “My heart will go on” (“Titanic”), back in 1997.

“Once upon a Deadpool” | Photo: Twitter @VancityReynolds while many thought that the next time they would see Deadpool would happen in about two years, came to be known first: arrive in cinemas again in December, with “Once Upon a Deadpool”, a family version Christmas. and what about the new adventure of Deadpool?
The spin-off brings again the character in the skin of Ryan Reynolds, who in this episode will feature an essential companion: Fred Savage. The participation of the actor and the plot of the film is a nod to the classic “The Princess Bride” (1987).

Deadpool will tell Fred a Christmas story that chronicles their adventures. It’s a reversal of his second film, with new scenes and spices adapted for over 13 years since their previous classification required a superior to the 16 public.” Once Upon a Deadpool”arrives in Argentine theaters on December 20 and will have a solidarity purpose. As it transpired, for each input collected will be donated $1 to the Organization Fuck Cancer.
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