translated from Spanish: Thalia and the scorned that he makes his fans behind the camera

with their mouths open were fans of Thalia to see how the singer treats them behind the camera and is that on his recent visit to the city of Mexico where he lived with several of his followers apparently the treatment received by it was not quite right.
It turns out that while some made long lines to be able to take a picture with the singer thought that also could give a kiss on the cheek or a hug to the spouse of Tommy Mottola, although that did not take place because the intruder program shared the video showing all the contempt of the famous and the treatment of his security team.
In case outside little much has been said about friendships that Thalia has stopped then follow the same conductor shows Pepillo Origel, revealed he and other famous show are liked by the artist.
Let us remember that the Mexican has become very popular on social networks because of the crazy things he does when not in a project or working.

“Meanwhile fans became disillusioned by the ugly reaction that them towards the actress also his fans.” And if we now a Challenge of Thalia kissing and hugging with Asquith fans… “.” That Thalia became so bad because of Soraya Montenegro”.” Thalia is seen leagues the hypocritical already or the Paris Hilton is thus! “.”
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Original source in Spanish

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