translated from Spanish: Known for who applies to the Hoy No Circula this December 1

city of Mexico.-even though this Saturday, December 1 will be a festive day of historical importance by the Andrés Manuel López Obrador protest ceremony as President of Mexico the Hoy No Circula program remains unchanged and applies as from 5:00 at 22:00 in all delegations of the city of Mexico and the municipalities of the State of agreement in today not circulating Saturday, establishing that they can not move l you hire with hologram 1 odd termination (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9). Hologram 2 vehicles and outsiders do not circulate absolutely any Saturday.
The measure provides that in cases of units of people with disabilities, emergency, urban services, public safety, electric or hybrid have hologram 0 and without any problem can circulate every day. It is important to mention that within the units that are exempt from the program «Today does not circulate» are commonly used in funeral services, transport for passengers, cars with antique or classic car plates; as well as tractors or machinery for construction and mining. The air quality is good: is index 44 of the PM10 pollution in accordance with the CDMX atmospheric monitoring system.

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