translated from Spanish: Macri quoted Mandela and asked to «end poverty» at the opening of the G20

Mauricio Macri surprised today in his opening of the G20 Summit to mention the South African leader Nelson Mandela.  «I want to remember it, it is someone who I’ve always admired very much and who invited us to end poverty».
«He was always a promoter of dialogue, and I thank you for being here», Macri told leaders gathered at Costa Salguero.

The Argentine President raised the need to «act with the same sense of urgency of the 2008», after the greatest economic and social crisis of recent years. «This Summit is unprecedented in our country, never gathered so many leaders. We take it as a gesture of support to the role that the Argentina is serving on the global stage, after so many years of isolation». «Also asked his peers to give» a clear message to the world that from here we can together make a horizon of development with shared responsibilities, and with a strong commitment to gender equality and United in diversity ‘. » «In a world adverse and with a multiplicity of actors, the essence of the G20 is to promote the dialogue that he respects differences», Macri said at the opening of the Summit.



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