translated from Spanish: Claudia Vanessa reveals why was VLA Ingrid Coronado

after the release of Ingrid Coronado of the program come joy, users began attacking his colleague Vanessa Claudio, because it was said that the Puerto Rican was the cause to say goodbye.

now channel YouTube go go, once again investigated and gave with the same actress 35 years asking if it is true that he has a rivalry with the Bikini, and this is what he said: «the truth is that we laugh much Ingrid and I that Ingrid and I are very» good friends or both within the work gave me many tips as the Chamba, or you forget the people that when the quake happened I left at home of Ingrid Coronado or was the person who gave lodging to me I say as they may think that by that is going to Ingrid…, expressly the nice woman.

with these statements Vanessa finally broke one of the biggest questions in relation to the alleged enmity that had with Ingrid making it clear that they are very good friends.
Is worth mentioning that Brådön Peniche, son of the first actor Arturo Peniche, joined in the morning January by what is promotional, recording as well as Annette Cuburu.

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