translated from Spanish: Corporate sexism: only 4% of companies have a woman as CEO

participation women in senior management remains a challenge in Chile. According to the Ranking IMAD enterprises, which measured 111 companies, just 17% of the total of posts of first line is occupied by women.
The study presented by women entrepreneurs, in conjunction with the Directorate of social studies of the Pontificia Universidad Católica (DESUC), also reveals that only 4% of companies have a woman as general manager, while 12% of the companies have a Manager Finance and 28% of the companies does not have women as top executive.
«The results of this year even realize us that the balance of gender at high levels is a goal still very far for the vast majority of the companies», said the Executive Director of women entrepreneurs, Francisca Valdés.
As for directories, the situation is even more worrying. According to the study, only 4% of companies is headed by a woman and 49%, has no women on their boards.
Valdes added that with this ranking, women entrepreneurs seeks to contribute to reduce this gap and to encourage influential companies to go forward in this challenge.
For companies at the level of companies, this year, the ranking is headed by the multinational Procter & Gamble (P & G), which is the distinction of being the only company that has more women than men, both at the level of directory and first line.
The following places are occupied by the multinationals Bayer and Sodexo. The latter is notable for being a large enterprise, with 16.732 workers, which is headed by a woman as CEO.
Top 20 positions, it also highlights the presence of eight companies in the financial sector. Also highlight five public companies in this picture: EFE, mint, TVN, Chile and Banco Estado post.

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