translated from Spanish: Flavio Mendoza commentary following criticism of Nacha Guevara

the controversy began a series of reviews of Nacha Guevara in the program «Incorrrectas»: «I want that one day, someone who makes any of these treatments have a black baby. That day we do a party», shot Nacha Guevara referring to Mirko, Matilda and Dionisio, the children of Marley, Luciana Salazar and Flavio Mendoza.Guevara accused them of»choose them», emphasized that all are»blond and blue-eyed»and recalled that» a child is not a thing that you are going to » buy». At the same time, Agustina Kämpfer said that there was «coherent» in cases of Marley and Luciana Salazar. NACHA cut it and said: «in the case of Flavio not».

When someone criticises with misinformation or evil… I only stop a second look and I hear who criticizes me, and I see that you did in your life? Already with that so I said everything, although I hurts am very happy ❤️ – Flavio Mendoza (@flaviomendoza) November 30, 2018 product wrote on his Twitter account a disclaimer not to mention Nacha Guevara: «when someone criticises with misinformation or malda d, only I stop a second look and I hear who criticizes me and see what did you do in your life. «With that it mentioned everything, although it hurts I am very happy». 

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