translated from Spanish: G20: what Mauricio Macri said at the close of the plenary sessions?

After defining the alternation in the venues corresponding to Italy («abbiamo pasta in 2021″ contributed Mauricio) and India (in the year 2022), President Mauricio Macri began his final statement at the second plenary session of leaders. Taking note of the battle lost by the consensus in the trade war China – United States, presidency Argentina chose to overlook large and unavoidable shorts and proposed as axes of debate on the future of work, the infrastructure for the development and a sustainable food future.» Building consensus for a sustainable and equitable development»aims to generate a global conversation about how to achieve this goal and were in fact these points about which turned the closing of Mauricio Macri speech. 
No large imbalances, not large borrowings that then lead us to flashbacks that bring many levels of poverty and disruption for the people»»we have been agreed in a statement that reflects the need to revitalize trade, revitalize «the WTO reaffirm the concern of all by climate change, we must improve the goals and give them greater compliance» was the first designated point. He went on in terms of the future of work «we have of course the technological revolution has brought us to a great challenge on the future of employment but that just no longer can be more separate education and vitality that has to take the training permanent». 

The closing speech addressed the main issues raised from the Argentine presidency consensus also on «continue to seek ways to expand the capacity-building of infrastructures that are those that allow us to generate equal opportunities especially in underdeveloped countries, but also in the light of the challenge which means adapting to climate change». On gender mainstreaming, Macri said that «nobody already discusses the empowerment of women. It has become a central fact not as an act of Justice, but as an opportunity for development for our countries». Ultimately it was the moment of the variable food: «We also have the concern and centrality on the future sustainable food. «We need to produce more food but consistently to the care of the environment». «On behalf of all Argentines, thank you» closed the second and last plenary session of the G20 Macri. In this note:

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