translated from Spanish: Macron spoke in Buenos Aires over the violent disturbances in Paris

thousands of people protested in Paris and other cities of France and clashed with the police, while the President Emmanuel Macron was in Buenos Aires, where he participated in the Summit of leaders of the G20. ‘Yellow Jackets’, which manifest themselves against the tax hike to fuels and other reforms driven by the French Government, began to arrive early to the Champs Elysees and a while already the first incidents were reported. After the close of the Summit, Macron gave a press conference in which he said that «what happened in Paris has nothing to do with the peaceful expression of a legitimate rage». 
«I will always respect the demonstrations, but I will never accept violence. What you seek is chaos,»said Macron.

Looting, destruction and fires in Paris falling down «nothing justifies that the forces of order, which is robbing shops, attacked public and private buildings are burned and it gets dirty at the Arc de Triomphe.» Those responsible for this violence does not want any change, looking for chaos,»said the French President. «It will identify and acknowledge them to justice,» she said. Are at least 80 people injured in Paris, including 16 police officers other 255 were arrested during disturbances the Police evacuated the famous galleries Lafayette and Printemps Haussmann by looting and fires that stretched through the streets of Paris the «chalec «you yellow» the French interior Minister can generate a political crisis in the French Government, Christophe Castañer had announced that traffic in Parisian Central would be blocked, but would allow the flow of passers-by for the protest. However, the deployed operation did not stop more than 7,000 protesters arrived to the Champs-Elysées.
In vicinity of the Arc de Triomphe, some protesters burned vehicles and debris.

Chaos in the area of the Arc de Triomphe these protests are the biggest challenge faced by President Macron over the 18 months of Government. Demonstrations, which emerged spontaneously and were organised via social networks, are given since it was announced the increase in the price of fuel from the first of January of 2019.En this note: G20 France Emmanuel Macro n

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