translated from Spanish: Mexico leading left wing will have after 32 years of technocrats

city of MEXICO (AP) – the Mexican premiere more than a new President on Saturday. Inauguration of the leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador will be a turning point in one of the experiments of opening more radical in the world market and privatization. For years, Mexico had a closed economy controlled by the State, but since the entry into force of the General Agreement on tariffs and trade in 1986 signed more free trade agreements than any other country and privatized almost all sectors of its economy with the exception of oil and electricity. Now, however, Lopez Obrador gives an unprecedented speech in the country since the 1960’s: wants to build more State oil refineries and encouraged Mexicans to «not buy abroad (…) We will produce what they consume in Mexico».

The President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador. EFE along with a deep sense of nationalism and its place in history, taking possession of AMLO, as it is known popularly, could be the transfer of power over local and populist in decades. After officially oath before the Chamber of Deputies, Lopez Obrador plans to hold another ceremony later in the day in the main square of the city of Mexico, Zocalo square, where a leader of the indigenous communities over traditional symbol of authority: a ceremonial wooden staff. The event will be a great celebration that will include traditional music. The new President, of 65 years, will move his office to the National Palace, located in one of the sides of the square, and will continue living in your home instead of moving into luxurious and guarded residence presidential, located nine kilometres (six miles) to the West. AMLO gained relevance as a left-wing politician to lead protests against pollution by hydrocarbons in his home State, Tabasco, but it has not given any indication if cancelled private oil exploration contracts or retire to the country of their free trade agreements with 44 Nations. Even so, it is clear that the first great turning after three decades of «neo-liberal» policies and free market will occur in its mandate of six years. ″ has been very well the neoliberalism, should applaud him? ·, said Lopez Obrador in September. «Why not accept that it was a failure the neoliberal policy, which only benefited a small minority, impoverished the majority of the people, produced the insecurity, violence?». AMLO achieved a landslide victory in the elections of July 1 after two unsuccessful bids for the Presidency, and is the first leader from the Mexican Revolution, which made a name as a leading activist. It is considered his coming to power as the «fourth transformation» of the country, after the Mexican independence from Spain, the liberal reforms that ended the dominance of the Church in 1850 and the revolution (1910-1917). His predecessor, Enrique Peña Nieto, leaves office with an approval rating at historic lows, which some polls lie between 20 and 24%. Peña Nieto failed to stop the increase in crime or manage the arrival of thousands of Central American migrants to the border with the United States, where they are camped, what makes these two matters the most immediate challenges for the new Presidency.

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