translated from Spanish: Neither forgiveness nor forgetting: CNTE new Government

thousands of teachers, mainly in Oaxaca, but also other entities such as Durango and the city of Mexico, gathered this December 1, at the foot of the Angel of independence, to go to the first picture of the city and from there to announce the new President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (who today took the protest of the charge), that this is not for them a day party but fight, and that they will not follow his call for forgiveness before the crimes and the corruption of past ad ministrations.
After marching to the Hemicycle to Juarez, the magisterial contingent comprised members of the national coordinator of education workers (CNTE) presented its political stance to the new federal authorities, who announced «for all the» crimes committed against the Coordinator, the answer has to be justice and truth».
Genaro Martinez Morales, Secretary of organization of section 22 of the CNTE (which brings together teachers from Oaxaca) said that before «the case of the 43 fearfully of Ayotzinapa, in the case of Nochixtlán, Hacienda Blanca, from La Higuera (attacked locations by the)» Federal Police to demonstrations of support to the Magisterium) not only to demand clarification of facts and compensation for the victims. What we demand is punishment with imprisonment for policymakers, starting with Enrique Peña Nieto».
Nochixtlán and the disappearance of the 43 rural fearfully, said Meanwhile the teacher Israel Guasín, section 12, of Durango, «are just some pictures of a six-year period of predation, misery, and death: 43 we are missing, and we are missing thousands and thousands and thousands more.» This country is a pantheon formed by a single large mass grave.»
Therefore, he warned, «his son not ask a mother who has lost to forgive. That mother gave birth to him, rocked it, did it grow, and with hopes that out of the ancestral poverty sent him to study, that mother cannot forget. We forget when it dismissed, that he looked into his eyes, to be that until today has failed you tell this narco-State where is? «Someone who has experienced this situation can not forgive, and why the CNTE today says: neither forgiveness nor forgetting».
The above, in reference to the repeated calls that the now President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has made for violence victims forgive their attackers, as part of a national reconciliation process.

Meanwhile, the CNTE closed Paseo de la Reforma on its Rails towards the center of the CDMX. They demand to democratize election of magisterial leadership.
?: @paris_martinez – (@Pajaropolitico) December 1, 2018 as national teaching, however, said the representative of section 12 of the CNTE, «never going to accept less than justice. Elba Esther Gordillo killed us one of the best teachers in the Valley of Mexico, Misael Núñez Acosta, how to forgive the killer? It is not possible…»
The master Misael Núñez Acosta (leading magisterial mexiquense) was assassinated in 1981, in the State of Mexico, by a group of gunmen linked to the then leadership of the National Union of workers in education. The Union at that time was headed at the national level by Carlos Jongitud, and at State level by Elba Esther Gordillo.
Years later, Jongitud was imprisoned and Gordillo relieved him at the forefront of the national leadership, which was kept for four six.
«How forgive the rat that stole us our dues for so many years – insisted the master duranguense, Member of the Coordinating Committee-. No, we can’t, the only thing we can do is to assume the historic commitment to go out and be at the forefront of our people. On this symbolic day, that many come to prostrate, we do not. We come to lift our left fist», he concluded.

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