translated from Spanish: Pop with content: the new single from Bethlehem Toledo dedicated to assaulted women

the new single d (e) the national singer, Bethlehem Toledo, called «Mute» is part of his solo debut album. The song is dedicated to women battered with a wake up call to not stay silent.
After a career in ensembles such as Meridian and sixth floor, Bethlehem is an artist with a vocal quality of exception, of privileged registry, which can perform various musical fusions, walking with ease in the soul, pop and rap.
His most recent musical work aims to give strength to the victims of abuse to make public this scourge. «My idea is put forward to pop toward social criticism and work music content from a genre that has little been leading on these issues. Up to now,»indicates the interpreter.
In addition, the national artist seeks – with this new single – take care of a contingent matter as it is gender-based violence. «I felt the duty to write this message and deliver it with all the strength that can support this project. The subject is aimed precisely at all the silent not even willing to change their lives out of fear or necessity», it details.
«Silent» will be part of an album that seeks funding through a crowdfunding platform www.dé
The national artist is accompanied by a band style soul funk comprised of musicians Gonzalo Martínez (guitar), Michelle Núñez (vocals), Daniela Henríquez (vocals), Diego Jimeno (drums), Reinaldo Morales (bass) and Rodrigo Katwasser (keyboard).
Watch the video for «Mute» here:

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