translated from Spanish: Rule to Mexico without whims, without populism, or occurrences, asks opposition to AMLO

legislators spoke out because the new Government headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador meets the promises made during the campaign and offered their support and support for change that Mexico needs, although some also emphasized some points that are not in agreement.
The President of the Congress, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, kicked off the session in the Chamber of Deputies for the takeover of Andrés Manuel López Obrador as President of Mexico for the period 2018-2024.
René Juárez Cisneros, parliamentary Coordinator of the PRI, said the party will raise the voice when necessary, «we will never be knee or acting unworthily».
To set positioning in the Tribune of San Lazaro, said that Mexico can not be driven with occurrences or whims and considered a serious mistake cancellation of the international airport of the city of Mexico (NAIM).
«Populism leads to poverty and anarchy. Govern for popularity leads lost. The country is not driven with occurrences. It is time to build and contribute to give feasibility to the nation.
He pointed out that Congress should avoid the Executive Force to devour to other powers.
Juarez warned that they will not accept the showings, which are an incubator for candidates for upcoming elections.
Cisneros showed its support for the decision to keep the army on the streets.
Meanwhile, Mauricio Kuri Pan Senator, expressed concern because the new Government is tempted to submit the law to a personal vision or ideologies.
«We must have a democratic, auditable, responsible authority. An authority to assume the costs of governing, which do not take shelter in the comfort of a query as a,»said, warned that the pervasiveness of the State is not the solution, is the problem.
«Mexico does not become the next Venezuela because there is no room for an authoritarian Government that seeks to suppress freedoms», he said.
He expressed concern that the new Government is tempted to submit the law to a personal vision or ideologies.
The legislator said are not opponents of the change, but with common sense reform candidates.
In its positioning, Miguel Angel Macera, the PRD Senator, said that the party will never be obstacle to change in Mexico and supported Andrés López Manuel Obrador.
Mancera called Lopez Obrador respect federalism and not to tolerate acts without legal sustenance, that all their actions are attached to the Constitution and the laws. In particular, he requested the showings to respect federalism.
He said that the Aztec sun Party hopes the fulfillment of all the promises of campaign and called for raising the minimum wage «Welcome change, offered repeatedly by the Presidency of the Republic», said Mancera.
Mario Delgado, Coordinator of the deputies of Morena, said that today is the end of an unfair, corrupt and authoritarian regime.
He also warned that austerity will be the rule of a Government without wastage.
«It is the time of authentic, not to lie, not to betray democracy,» he said.
Fernando Luis Manzanilla, parliamentary Coordinator of the Social meeting party, gave its support to the security plan, in particular to the creation of the National Guard.
He argued that the problem more urgent to solve in Mexico is that of security, and I am confident that a Mexico without injustices possible, economic competition and its proper regulation, strengthening domestic consumption and giving priority to the promotion of entrepreneurship.
He reiterated that the Party believes and defends the division of powers «do not believe in the class struggle, but in the social gathering and national unity in a strong Government and without work».
Senator Raúl Bolaños Cacho Cue, from the ecologist Green Party of Mexico (PVEM), stressed that Mexico requires unity, respect and care and care for the environment, hence the need to add wills.
«Mr President can count on us, if something we want is that Mexico will become a better country (…)» «Yes to the Maya railway, if the priority programmes and by an agenda that treats the environment», said.
He also asked to recognize what was done well in the outgoing administration. «Of course there are things to be resolved but there are positive things,» he said.

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