translated from Spanish: The Ambassador of Canada put stockings in favor of legal abortion

stockings as a symbol of struggle. It’s funny, but that was the way that the Ambassador of Canada in Argentina, David Usher, found to show the world that it is in favour of the campaign for the legalization of abortion. In the framework of the G20, the Canadian shoed is green design with the tissue white embroidery, such as the scarf that symbolizes the struggle. Images viralizaron from that a Twitter user shared them and began to rain comments both for and against the attitude of the diplomat.
With the same style as the head the head of Usher, Justin Trudeau Canadian Prime Minister, is already an old known by their looks, precisely by its preferred garment: stockings. With various thematic and well colored, the President used eccentric designs in every encounter he participates. An example that also applies to relate design to support the causes and social movements was when Trudeau took part in June 2017 of the Gay pride March was carried out in Toronto, which represent the Rainbow of the LGBT movement.

Justin Trudeau, wearing socks with the Rainbow of the movement LGBT in this note:

Original source in Spanish

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