translated from Spanish: Unrest puts cold Washcloths in the Cabinet crisis in La Araucanía: «Moreno and Chadwick should follow in charge of these issues»

The crisis that is shaking the region of La Araucanía, which ended with the death of the mapuche comunero Camilo Catrillanca, has hit the Government of Sebastian Pinera. Key ministers seeking to solve the conflict in the area, Andrés Chadwick and Alfredo Moreno are severely criticized, asking that they take a step to the side.
These found an ally who defends them, Deputy Mario Desbordes, President of national renewal: «I think that both Moreno and Chadwick should follow in charge of these issues, but working together, without having a good COP and bad COP», pointed out in interview with La Tercera newspaper.
Desbordes compares the situation in the area, with a country currently living in dictatorship: «the Fund solution will be achieved by political means, but none of these lines of work must be exclusive of a Minister, a person or an authority. Last weekend, the inhabitants of Ercilla lived a situation like what is happening in Nicaragua, where there is violence in the streets, in a case by the State and, in the case of Ercilla, by a violentista minority. This forces the Government to advance in the field of citizen security in parallel to the concretion of this famous Plan Araucania».
«Here all authorities have to work hand, you don’t have to have one that makes good and another that makes the wrong, and this process cannot be seen as a platform for any government authority, must set aside personal interests interests of each party, can not prevail prominence no one search. This does not allude to no one in particular, we must all work hand, from Councillors even Ministers of State, to take forward this proposal, hopefully transversely. Authorities of the new majority, of the Frente Amplio and the Government working hand in hand in a final search for solutions», he added.
«I know more about what the Minister Chadwick has done and I think that it has done a good job. Minister Moreno’s work has resulted in this proposal of Plan Araucania, which picked up earlier proposals and allowed to sit a lot of people at the table, that I appreciate much. Has missed more coordination in the area? It is clear and has to be solved now,»he said.

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