translated from Spanish: Was responsible for the incidents in River State, according to Conmebol

La Conmebol blamed the State for incidents that took place on Saturday November 2 in the preview of the final of the Libertadores Cup between River and Boca is going to play r in the Monumental Stadium. While several media compared the violent fact with the episode of pepper gas by 2015, Conmebol described both acts as «diametrically different».» Outside the rings of security incidents were the result of the negligence of the public order forces, who not held all the necessary mechanisms to ensure the security», argued the Conmebol in its ruling. «The members of the Court of discipline, formed by the Paraguayan Eduardo Gross Brown, Amarilis Belisario Venezuelan and Chilean Cristobal Valdés, ratified its position by the statements of Martín Ocampo, former Minister of security of the city of Buenos Aires:» Confirms the position of this Court with their statements Mr. Martín Ocampo, who resigned Monday, November 26, because of the impact on the security operation». On the order from mouth and the history of 2015 with pepper gas, the South American body considered that the facts are completely different: «in the case of gas pepper 2015 took place not only inside the stadium but in the manga where they were the» players entering the field of play for the resumption of the match in the second half, and this is the area of greatest restriction». Finally, since the court evaluated the situation and considered that «the acts of violence under any criterion are justifiable,» However, not resolvable as it called for mouth «to understand that they are diametrically different situations». News on development… In this note:

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