translated from Spanish: With announcement of not persecution of past officials, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, protest as new President of Mexico

photograph/regeneration CDMX.-Andrés Manuel López Obrador, took protest today as the new President of Mexico, to receive the Presidential sash from the hands of Enrique Peña Nieto.
Around 11:15 hours, the Tabasco arrived in the Chamber of the Union where already national and international guests were waiting.
In front of the deputies López Obrador he gave the oath to enforce the rights of Mexicans, to be then placed the presidential band, which was modified a few days ago by the federal legislators, returning the Green Strip up. It is worth mentioning that this band has a cost between 80 and 100 thousand dollars and the central shield is woven with gold thread.
At the beginning of your message, AMLO thanked the attentions provided by Enrique Peña Nieto and told him his recognition by “not interfere” in the electoral process.
“Thank you do not have intervened as other Presidents. “We appreciate that the incumbent President respects the will of the people, so thank you very much Mr. Peña Nieto”.
He now President announced that from this day will the fourth transformation of the hand with a change of political regime, when he stated that the change in the country there will be no political persecution.
“From now on will be held a peaceful and orderly but deep and radical transformation, you will end up with the corruption and impunity that prevent the rebirth of Mexico, without pursuing anyone because we don’t like the circus,” he said.
While the AMLO announced the creation of a Special Commission to punish unfair acts and at the same time ruling out political persecution to “officials of the past”, in the House of the Union, deputies began to count from 1 to 43, referring to the the disappearance of the 43 preservice. “There will be punishment for people responsible of the disappeared, while the Presidency to refrain from conduct persecutions,” he reiterated.
Source: Monitor Expresso

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