translated from Spanish: Army rose from rank to various officials prosecuted for fraud to the Treasury

a reserved report of the army, which entered the Santiago Court of appeals on November 23, includes the recognition of the institution about the hiring of range officers who meanwhile were processed by fraud to the Treasury, which was justified by an alleged «lack of information». Should be recalled that this information appears in moments in which the military institution is involved in a controversy after the sayings of Ricardo Martínez Commander in Chief of the army who leaked during a talk before 900 officers in which assumed that There were uniformed that they had sold weapons to drug traffickers. According to the information provided by the third, those who had access to the document, this arose as a response to an application for protection filed by Captain Rafael Harvey Valdés, who denounced an alleged «corruption protection network». Among other things, Harvey has been accused of being author of the filtration of the audio, published at the time by the half The Clinic, with the words of general Martínez, something that was ruled out by the weekly. Four cases that Harvey exhibited at the resource where denounces an «Act, illegal and arbitrary» evaluation instances of such is mentioned in the report, signed by Alejandro Villagra Ramírez, Chief of staff of the command General of the staff Deputy, promotions. Mentioned cases are that of Lieutenant Colonel Nelson Cantillana, promoted to the grade of major on 1 January 2011, being that in October 2008 was tried for fraud to the Treasury an amount near the 44 million pesos. Before this the army recognized Cantillana was indeed in circumstances which technically did not allow its rise. Something similar happened with the excabo first Heriberto Cortez, who on 1 January 2015 received news of his promotion of nothing less than when he was in pre-trial detention, this because of a prosecution for a fraud that exceeds 250 million pesos. Another case is that of the Sergeant second Jacqueline Carrasco, who was subjected to process for two offences which would be linked to the bull case Milicogate. Colonel Rafael Villarroel Opazo – brother who had let the direction of the military school after the controversial tribute to the doomed Septimo Miguel – is the case of those mentioned by Harvey. In this case, it became clear that he was promoted on December 1, 2014, when already it had revoked the processing.

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