translated from Spanish: Becky G and Leslie Grace said that it was a “privilege” and an “honor” have been in the Telethon

international artists Becky G and Leslie Grace, who surprised with his show at the close of the Telethon, were present at the last Press Conference of the charity event alongside Don Francisco.” Through these two, I want to thank all the national and foreign artists. In the case of Leslie, as you know, she has a disabled sister and I know it’s various telethons in the United States. UU”, said the presenter. The artist did not hesitate to respond and said that it was a “privilege” for it to have been part of the Telethon. “You know how important that is to me, and also for Becky, apart from being something for everyone it has become a gift, for me and my family has always been something beautiful to see what happens here in Chile not going anywhere else when the Telethon. It is a gift for my sister and all the family members who live this every day.” The entertainer also had words for Becky G, who is at the most successful of his career and said, knows that was a girl.” I went to that presented it for the first time on television, I think I was nine-years-old and few months ago went to his dressing room when we invite her to a program and I told him, ‘Becky would like to invite you to the Telethon of Chile’ and told me I know it perfectly many years ago that I heard from the Telethon and I would like to be in the Telethon. She is at the peak of his career,”said Don Francisco.” It is an honor to be here, it is a pleasure, said Leslie is something that is very close to my heart, also for my brother Alejandro, see someone like him who is my little angel, is my hero, I have learned so much from him, so many families go through similar things, and know how can help that I support that help your audience of your people, because in the end we are family”, closed the American singer.

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