translated from Spanish: Campaign promises of AMLO will now begin to come true

Mexico.-the President Andres Manuel Obrador 4lopez promised that his arrival in the Presidency detonated changes in public policies and the structure of the Government. Here the list to remember his promises now that he is already President.
Army in barracks, creating the National Guard with military training to return peace to the streets of the country.
    Create independent Segob national public security secretariat.
    Amnesty for farmers and people who have been linked by necessity with drug trafficking.
    Create an intelligence body smaller than the Cisen, which work in a democratic way.
    Check daily the national security strategy.
    Replace illegal crops through a national programme.
    Boost to the municipal police forces.
    Implement surveillance of double-flow on the northern border (out to whom and who enters the country).
    Rescue the prisons where there are self-government.
    Strengthen international cooperation to combat against transnational gangs.
CORRUPTION reform Article 108 constitutional to remove the immunity of the President and that he can be judged, as other senior officials, for corruption-related offences.
    Draw up and apply a law of interest conflicts that extend the mechanisms of prevention, harden sanctions and put in place special opacity and dishonesty offences.
    Persons interested in any post public, judicial or arbitration in autonomous bodies or of popular representation, must rid legally and irrevocably of the assets and economic interests directly affecting the exercise of their public responsibilities.
    Prohibit any official and their families are linked under the aegis of his office, with contractors, investors, or national or international entrepreneurs to establish any private business.
    Establish a Universal system of asset declaration and affidavits, involving without exception all officials, elected popular representatives, judges, magistrates, militants and officials of parties.
    International collaboration will be in the fight against tax havens, tightening of controls of the banking system on money laundering, thorough investigation and ghost cancellation of companies.
    Absolutely delete the secret banking, trust and tax when tax crimes and illicit financial practices are investigated.
    Create and publish a register of contractors punished or ignored, public tenders will be made online and social control in all purchases and contracts, including public-private partnerships.
EDUCATION strengthen initial and continuing education programmes so that they can make online or classroom.
    The assessment for learning, which is a massive but custom test for each student, with budget and special equipment will be applied.
    Initial education will coordinate with health and nutrition. It will give grants to young people and incentives to companies that hire them, and train.
    Normal schools to strengthen and promote national and international mobility of students and teachers. For the evaluation of teachers, will be before the training.
    Restructuring spending and establish a formal system of accountability for each education center. The national technology platform will be created and Social participation.
    Bureaucratic tasks, through the National Academy of Directors, educational management system will be reduced and the accompaniment of the schools.
    A school’s parents will be created to encourage the participation of parents in the education of children.
HEALTH the health system will focus on disease prevention.
    It will create a model of primary care that accompany the person throughout his life.
    The research of degenerative diseases will be driven.
    It will launch a national medicines policy and promote national public and private production.
    A new scheme of dignified, humane, efficient and competent care will be built.
    It will increase public financing for health structure in at least at 1% of GDP.
Will SOCIAL development a universal pension of 1,500 pesos a month to elderly and disabled adults in poverty.
    It will give support to students of upper and upper middle education of low income, young people who do not study or work, and older adults.
    Each family will earn at least 7,500 pesos a month.
    It will gradually increase the minimum wage to 176.72 pesos and duplicate it in the border region.
    It will allocate 94,000 million pesos during all six years to field to achieve food self-reliance.
    It will allocate 14,200 million to pave 198 rural roads.
    It will create around 400,000 jobs per year with the planting of fruit trees and timber in the country.
    Established in Tijuana, Baja California, the National Institute of migration (INM).
    50 consulates of Mexico in United States will become the migrant agencies.
    It will sign an Alliance for progress with the United States, Canada and Central America.
    It will give grants of 2,400 pesos a month to 300,000 high school and university students.
    Entrance exams will no longer be mandatory at public universities so that all applicants take place. Give two million 3,600 pesos a month 300,000 young people.
    Grant supports of 29,000 pesos annually to each student’s education higher secondary in the country.
    It will create protocols to victims with a gender perspective.
    It will ensure care to pregnant women with HIV and AIDS.
Source: DNA

Original source in Spanish

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