translated from Spanish: Magic to transform reality in Chile

imagination and illusion, two key elements of the art (e) the magic, they have been used in Chile as essential values that apply to different concepts to generate a transformation of reality, he explained to Efe Luis Albornoz, magician and director of the Atacamagica Foundation.
An idea that translates into college scholarships that go far beyond the monetary donation, where magic shows «away from the usual circuit», such as prisons or children’s homes, to maintain that illusion in places where it could have lost, said Bathrobe.
«We want there to cherish something inside the people we visited so that they feel that this place was transformed because we were and that they have a welfare State which modify them during our visit,» he said.
In this regard, he explained that this idea of applying the concepts of magic in the social sphere are based on theory ‘Comet effect’ of the Spanish magician Juan Tamariz, regarding world in the field of card tricks.
«I led me to reflect where we can reach with an effect or intervention. When we have a project always we think far can be extended, as the tail of a comet. It can exist beyond the moment in which it takes place», highlighted bathrobe.
«One way that the effect exists is when a game of magic is done to someone, you guess a letter for example, and give it to the person. That person will take the letter and is going to teach your family and friends,»he added.
The aim is that, just like a magic trick is beyond the mere realization in the form of illusion or surprise, the initiatives of the Foundation Atacamagica also exceed the initial limits of their intentions.
«With the scholarship program also.» Not only the money spent to students so that they can study, but rather we intervene as other layers, in their families, in their sleep… continue taking part in them. That effect I apply it», said the Chilean magician.
Albornoz said that these projects were surprised to the own Tamariz when weeks ago they met in Spain within the framework of a master classes organized by the Spanish magician for five elected.
«He was very happy and very amazed at where I come up with this. It is as an effect Comet Comet effect. to him something happened it, I interpreted it to me and I was applying it in the real world, in this case with rather social projects», said Albornoz.
Likewise, stressed that the essence of magic needs to continue expanding after the show «like the tail of a comet» to have an impact on society, said Albornoz.
«A society that fails to imagine is a society that does not advance. When you manage to have a high capacity for imagination and you are connected with your dreams, is very likely that you develop a higher degree of empathy with the environment», said Albornoz.

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