translated from Spanish: Mystery in Salta: they found dead uncle and niece, who maintained a relationship

the province of Salta was shaken by a mysterious case: found a dead uncle and niece, who maintained a loving relationship. The bodies of the youths, identified as Diego Fermín Tapia – 23 years old – and Micaela Cecilia Abán – 17, were found inside a building, near the route 21. The brother of Tapia, who was he caught up with the situation, determined that the woman had signs of brands of mechanical neck hanging, as reported the journal El Tribuno.Los young people had a relationship that is resisted by the rest of his family. Last Friday, November 30, Micaela had escaped from her home to live with his uncle, his partner. Research and mystery at the moment, is not known with details that is what happened, so the Commissioner of Limache opened the investigation; Meanwhile, it is expected the result of expertise. At the beginning, all hypotheses pointed to that was a femicide followed by suicide; However, the possibility of a suicide pact also shuffles. For its part, also the Prosecutor criminal 1 unit bass attacks against people in turn was appointed in charge of the case. In this note:

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