translated from Spanish: Survey carried out by Macaulay Culkin to change his name

Macaulay Culkin, remembered for his character Kevin McCallister in «My poor little angel», plans to change the name and wants the help of their fans. The actor said in an interview with Jimmy Fallon that will change his middle name, Carson, by a nickname more fun. Fans can vote for the name until December 24 on his new website

Macaulay Culkin in the last installment of the American Music Awards 2018. Photos: AP and AFP «was looking at my passport recently and reviewing my middle name and I felt that, you know, probably should fix my name a bit», said the actor Macaulay Culkin.
My middle name is currently Carson. I’m Macaulay Carson Culkin, it sounds too Irish. I thought that probably should improve it a little.

Photos: AP and AFP the first options is Macaulay Culkin, which means that her full name would be Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin. «The following is Shark Week, in reference to a show that the artist never has been.» My brother Kieran suggested to Kieran,»said Macaulay Culkin on the third alternative. «Obviously has good taste.» 

These are the options that Macaulay Culkin has subjected to votacion:macaulay Culkin.
Shark Week (annual event to see movies of sharks).
Kieran (the name of his brother).
The McRib Is Back (for the cover McDonalds hamburger).
Publicity Stunt (advertising gimmick).

Thus will the result today. Apparently, the actor will now be called: Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin!

On its web site,, the actor leave this message to all his fans next to the survey: «Hi, Mack here. How have you been? That’s great. I assume that you are aware of my middle name puzzle. «When you’re not, sum it up very fast».
My middle name is rather silly. Larry? Orange? Honestly, I don’t even remember him. So I asked everyone to send better options to go to court and tell a judge, why do I need to change my middle name to something great.

Photos: AP and AFP «Sent hundreds of suggestions, and after reviewing them, these were my top five Favorites,» said Macaulay Culkin.En 2016 Macaulay Culkin announced that it withdrew as an actor, because he was very happy living in the «anonymity» and thanks to him who won as a child I could pay the rent. «Halfway through my 30, I am a retired man,» he said at the time.

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