translated from Spanish: We take Los Pinos, say visitors in the official residence

with the list of the 43 missing from Ayotzinapa students pass and a child carrying the flag of Mexico, shoulders the official Los Pinos that, for 77 years was the home residence of presides over them before Mexico, opened its doors to the public this Saturday 1 December.
«It was important to come to remember that in these halls, in these quarters retumbara the number of young people who disappeared,» said Oliver Sosa, who recalled the disappearance with the voice choppy by the excitement forced students from Ayotzinapa, one of the cases that marked the Presidency of Enrique Peña Nieto.
Oliver and his son Emiliano were two of the first visitors who entered Saturday at the first tour that was the home of Presidents of Mexico.
«We come here to take up the reins of this country, to remind you that this country is made of people who cannot tolerate more abuse… and instructs accountable leaders. Today we are here with all the families that rose very early to do an exercise like that I’m doing, the open doors of this mausoleum, this place that was dark, dark decisions of this country that was attacked were made «, not tempted heart when making decisions affecting a lot of people», said Oliver at the end of the list pass.
As Oliver and his son, thousands of people visited this Saturday which will be the Cultural Centre of Los Pinos, a space that is dedicated to present cultural expressions in the words of Lopez Obrador.
«We are in the House of the village of Mexico. For us it is very important because it represents a symbol, reminds us of when without trousers in the French Revolution arrived and took over Versailles, there they took him with weapons, we Andrés López Manuel Obrador, take it in a peaceful way. It’s a great symbolic act,»said Julio Trujillo, accompanied by his two daughters family father.
«For me it is like stage ending because, always, my parents have led me to manifestations and as I grew up and saw all this movement grow is a highlight for me, because [ver] how is over this and see something new to grow and that grows with me» said Karen excited.
we are witnesses of history
minutes to enter the first tour of Los Pinos, a small group was outside the door three – one of the accesses which connects with the forest of Chapultepec – who cheered slogans like Yes be p! Udo!, Viva AMLO! and it is an Honor to be with Obrador!
Passing green bars entry and after a review by the military police for access to the site, glad visitors crossed the known Presidents road where the statues of each of the Presidents who have ruled in the p AIS.
With banners and costumes of Lopez Obrador, people is taking pictures next to the statue of the former Presidents Enrique Peña Nieto, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa and Vicente Fox Quesada.

already in the row of input Humberto, who was accompanied by his son, arrived early at Los Pinos because «we come to see what we found after so many years. I come with my son so you know and know of the luxuries that had the Presidents here», he said in an interview for political Animal.
In the same way, Elizabeth Espinosa, a native of the city of Mexico, came here «because it is to me very important, is a historical fact and I want to know, more than anything, the history of Mexico and the Presidents who were here. The truth I find it very interesting».
«I came to know the offices and rooms of the leaders for the first time, because we did not have the honor to come at other times. Brought me here the information that came out when they said that this would be open to people and happy we have come to know», said Justino Hernández, originally from the State of Hidalgo.

also added – your tour of the main house, Miguel German-, «along the way, everything really attractive, because that is not where you want to. The parties are where the bedrooms, the offices of the Presidents that have just been, are attractive. It would invite citizens and would say that it is very nice, that it is a privilege to be here.»

«we’re here, seeing all the sorts of things that really were, they took everything. They left it empty. «We hoped to find something more than all that is the history of all the Presidents who have left pictures, all that is history, the bedrooms… but everything is empty, unfortunately everything is empty», said Rosario Hernandez, who comes from Cancun and came to the City of Mexico in the early hours of Saturday to Los Pinos.
«I have a feeling of pity because they are really know how they are and well, Lopez Obrador gave us the pattern so that we come to see everything you really need at Los Pinos», he added.
«We disappointed the 80 years of misrule, of thieves who left empty, the birds of prey. We want to with this new Government, help us to the people, not to leave again to reach the corrupt government.  To that we come, our new President protest decision because we expect a change to the new reality, because it is right now being that it was really a robbery and looting the people», said Altamira Meléndez, who came from the State of Sinaloa.
«Turn the tide and concern us because not to commit crimes that are going to commit, continue celebrating and let apathy and sadness out,» said happy Hugo Espinosa of Mazatlán, Sinaloa.
«I’m disappointed by what I see, but I’m happy because it comes a new Government and hope, all Mexicans have hope in this new Government,» said elated, Dalia, who came from the isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca.
«This is a place that we all know. All we know was for reports that have been made to the former Presidents and mark the history of Mexico and precisely today, as important as it was the change of President and to do this is doubly important. I think that a residence worthy of a President as above, what I hope to find is a great thing inside», said Jesús Ochoa, steps away from entering the main house of Los Pinos.
«I came because if this close it in six years I’d tell my kids that I was here, I hope to be able to sit in the seat of the President,» said Esteban, a young citizen of the city of Mexico, as he waited in line to enter the House of Miguel Alemán.

30 thousand visitors shortly before 10 o’clock, a row of at least 30 people was already formed in the Gate 1 of the Residencia official de Los Pinos, where children and adults were waiting eagerly to enter and get to know the place where he lived the now former President Enrique Peña Nieto.
Travel to the residence of Los Pinos received their visitors with a big announcement made of white flowers that said: «Welcome, people of Mexico». Then, just a few steps away is Gallery of the State more presidential which is also open to the public.
According to Homero Fernandez, curator of the Department of culture, at the Museum of the Estado Mayor Presidencial are official vehicles that the Presidents have used since Miguel Alemán to Vicente Fox, «which used Miguel de la Madrid Foundation took it Miguel de la Madrid a few days ago».
In addition, Fernandez explained that the House will not have adjustments and will work as they delivered it. «It will not be a museum or Cultural Center, the idea is open for a few months and allow the people of Mexico to Los Pinos, as are the gardens and the houses». Until now, Fernandez said that the remainder of 2018 and to not have a work plan by the Ministry of culture, with guided visits, the grounds will be open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00 hours.
On the other hand Antonio Barrios, of social communication at Los Pinos, said that next Tuesday they will be announced cultural programming within this site, as part of the agreement reached the Ministry of culture together with the Secretariat of national defense, where is the military police of 22 battalion in charge of surveillance of the little furniture that was in the Miguel Aleman House, where former President Enrique Peña Nieto lived with his family.
«The furniture it will see as they handed him,» was what the volunteers and military police said whenever asked upon entering each of the rooms and spaces that are part of the main residence of Los Pinos.
So far, «nothing budget is going to go is known, what is known is that it will save the entire budget that was previously destined for the needs of this space. In fact, Los Pinos is the only site that is not in transparency, for national security. «That has always been very opaque form in as the budget has been», said Homero Fernandez.
According to the Ministry of culture, in charge of Alejandra Frausto, Los Pinos received during this first day of opening to 30 thousand people of all ages, Mexicans and foreigners.
Finally, Ceferino Silva, one of the volunteers of the program of the system of promoting Musical of the Secretariat of culture, who was in charge of coordinating the entrance and fluidity of the visitors inside the House, said that he had «much flow, but all truth was» Take it easy. The people reviewed us, what where they are furniture, but they are things that we do not know, just pointed out where they go and what do not touch. Usually reaches people who want to take a picture and you have to ask that fluidity is fast.»
Entry to the houses was made by groups of 30 to 50 people. «The mood of the people is coming happy and with joy. People can see what were the bedrooms, the kitchen, the boardrooms of this House», said Silva, peSAR of slogans and disapproval expressed by other visitors during your visit at the site.

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