translated from Spanish: «Woman of India to show his leg in a photograph

photograph is arrested / Infobae India-Rehana Fathima activist, was arrested a few days ago in the India by a selfie that was considered offensive and because ‘ hurt religious sentiments».
Fathima is accused of exposing her thigh in a photograph as well as trying to enter one of the most sacred religious enclosures of Hinduism, the Temple of Sabarimala in Kerala, which until recently was prohibited for women.
And it came when the highest court of the India overturned the ban on entry to the temple women who menstruaran the place of hindu pilgrimage, this feminine natural event culturally in some conservative quarters is considered «impure».

Rehana Fathima arrested for hurting religious sentiments by Kerala police.
Rehana had climbed Sabarimala shrine and reached almost 500m close to the shrine.
She was arrested 4 posting allegedly obscene pics on social media regarding Sabarimala pilgrimage – இனி (சுபாஷினி) (@swamisaranamm) November 27, 2018 Subash Fathima tried to reach the temple with the journalist Kavitha Jakkal, and they were escorted by police, however the protesters forbade them entry.
100 police were guarding the compound where female protesters were cited to enter after the Court’s ruling. Finally, Rehana was forced to abandon his attempt to enter the sanctuary of the building.
Later, some versions claim that their house was shattered by some unidentified miscreants.
Fathima was subsequently arrested by a selfie, in which showed part of her thigh while she was dressed in Pilgrim clothing, prompting complaints that the image was «explicitly sexual» cause «and hurting religious feelings».
The 32-year-old woman will be imprisoned temporarily while authorities investigate.
Source: Infobae

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