translated from Spanish: 3 tips to understand that when she says no, it’s not

American Kathryn Mayorga, denounced the Cristiano Ronaldo player raped her in a Las Vegas hotel in 2009. Several times the player denied the accusation, but the truth is that it paid a large amount of silver as part of a settlement that she did not make public their complaints. But that is not all, the German magazine Spiegel, published there is a confidential document that holds that Ronaldo admitted his lawyers who had sex with Kathryn Mayorga against their will since she told him ‘no’ several times.
From Filo.News, we understand that this society taught boys always misconceptions about what it means a “no” feminine. For years we were told that women do not know very well what they want, to hormones, to hysteria, that when he says he does not really want to say Yes. On the other hand, women taught us to repress us, told us to say that if one was a mistake, that so we wouldn’t be “taken seriously”, that males not interested please partner with a woman who follows her impulses and live their sexuality freely. But society that is constantly modified and changes, is another instance and taboos regarding sex and the oppression of women were exposed. While there are still millions of women in the world who can not choose, there are many who understand that repression is over and that from now on and forever will be the autonomy of desire course. As perhaps it is somewhat complicated to understand by all these issues, think to highlight three points when it comes to understand that when a woman says no, it’s not.

The most important thing here is to understand that rape is not just a man forcing a unknown girl to have sex in an alley. Rape can happen within any scope. According to statistics from the program “The victims against violence”, of the Ministry of Justice and human rights of the nation, 17.5% of complaints for crimes against sexual integrity is against boyfriends and husbands.  If your partner tells you that he does not want to have intercourse, although it is very difficult to understand: don’t want to have relations. 

Did you know in the bowling, they are giving a passionate kiss, you want to “put hand” but she with his arms “makes lever” and slows you down. So you do one, two, three times, and it continues to resist. Well, that situation so small that you lived a thousand times is very close from a violation. Do you know why? Because she, with that gesture, is saying that it does not want to do touch it. And it is extremely important that you respect their decision.  

Well, here is one of the less complicated situations them playing live in males because the negative is very clear. When a woman says no, it’s not. And if you think that actually if you insist it can be Yes, get what force their desire and nobody wants to force the desire to no one unless you are a rapist, isn’t it?  It seems a no-brainer, a no-brainer that even many men do not understand and which would be great for that to change. Then, to internalize and repeated as a mantra: is not no. For good measure, we leave a strong video that illustrates the message: 

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