translated from Spanish: Bullrich defended the use of firearms by the Federal forces

according to the Minister, Patricia Bullrich, the new regulation for the use of lethal weapons to federal security forces «will generate confidence in the defe NSA’s society». «We established objective standards that will allow security forces to protect the people and not be thinking if they take the decision they have to take, they will end up jailed or processed,» she said.
«The offender had to pull and just then an effective security could do it. This clearly put it in inferior conditions. Here there was a doctrine in which the security forces only had to wait first pull of the offender».

Bullrcih want one wants «a police force that defends society».

Bullrich insisted that with the previous regulation, «the members of the security forces could not use guns to defend themselves or defend the people, or to apprehend a criminal or to prevent an offender to leak». Such regulation, he said, was thinking to society that police officers «went back or didn’t do anything» and questioned security cash could not fire his weapon when an offender carried a replica.

«What have to do a policeman, ask the offender if you have a replica?», asked Bullrich.

«If a criminal or a murderer with a replica of a weapon, you will need to know that if they’re pointing a policeman, it has to act. That will generate confidence in the defense of society», he said in statements to Radio Mitre.anticipo that he will ask all the provincial police to use the same rules and that prosecutors and judges will now be»rules more clear and equal for all»to be able to legislate. In this note: safety Patricia Bullrcuh

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