translated from Spanish: Former duartistas could be exonerated; accuse vices in research

Mexico.-at least 15 officials from the administration of former Governor of Veracruz, J. Duarte, could be exempted from various crimes due to flaws in the portfolios of research and violation of their human rights, to signed Attorney Rodolfo guardian Garcia.el Defender Arturo Bermúdez, former Secretary of public security of the State, accused of illicit enrichment and forced disappearance of persons, attended the Congress of Veracruz to submit a request for trial political against various officials of former Governor Miguel Angel Yunes.segun the application management, those involved allegedly tortured, terrified and used illegal means of proof in the investigation against former staff folders duartistas.

Rodolfo García guardian. Photo: Reform «(in the indictment) comes an important bunch of names and titles, we are talking about 15 former servers public, since holders of Secretaries of State to Directors-General (illegalities in their processes and victims of torture),» said of the Saves Garcia.
If investigation of the Congress in fact can justify the existence of unlawful acts, you will certainly have a direct consequence in the process.

I.e., former officials could obtain changes in measures precautionary and continue its process in freedom, or be exonerated of the charges.

In the case of Bermudez, said, was tricked to surrender their property to the State Government, even though these were supposedly purchased by former police command in a legal way.» Then was a research by enforced disappearance, through illegalities, because interviews obtained by the Special Prosecutor of disappeared and the General Attorney, current tenure, deviate from the law», explained.

Former Governor of Veracruz, J. Duarte. Photo: Reform delivered different criteria of opportunity, figure that what generates is that the person who actually participated is in a State of impunity and not corroborated facts construction may have deprived of freedom to different persons.

This, said the lawyer, added that officials and former officials of the outgoing Government, mainly in the area of public security, attended the Pacho Viejo penitentiary for intimidating and torturing Bermudez.» Justice is not a currency, we have not come here (to the State Congress) to ask for the freedom of Arturo Bermúdez, because freedom is obtained in the courts with evidence, here what we come to ask this sovereignty to investigate the facts has been B ermudez and his family in a direct way in this circumstance, say of procedural fraud», explained the litigant. The guardian Garcia mentioned the complaint delivered to members contains audio, video and documents that reveal illegalities in the process of Bermudez and other former officials.

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