translated from Spanish: «Ricardo Darín:»Tell that she gave meaning to my life is an understatement»

Ricardo Darín threw a romantic confession of love and his partner, Florence Bas, did not prevent to respond through their social networks.» I love you, you’re my favorite routine for more than 30 years, I admire you and I’m proud to be your partner. You’re a kind, generous, sensitive and honest. And you make me so happy! «, wrote via her official Twitter account.»

Florence Bas and his romantic response to statements by Ricardo Darín | «Twitter @florenciabas Florence Bas response comes after an interview with the Spanish portal El Periódico, where Darin was interviewed in the context of the presentation of the film»The least expected amor»(Juan Vera) in the European country.» Tell that she has given meaning to my life is an understatement; It has certainly saved it me. It is a fierce fighter, and not afraid of anything. And what she has done for our children is impressive,»reflected»Bombita»to be consulted by their relationship. 
In relation to the film that stars next to Mercedes Morán, Darin talked about the difficulties that cross the relationships that remain in time for many years, working with his son – Darin Chinese – and the charges that they carried out actresses as Valeria Bertuccelli and Erica Rivas.» It has been painful. And when toss you that kind of crap it is very difficult to get rid of. It stays there forever, ready for someone point it yourself at any time, if you want to do you harm. I still don’t explain why and for what they said what they said,»he replied.» Of course that we had discussions, but only the normal among coworkers. «Do not want to load against them, because I really have nothing against yours», added. In this note:

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