translated from Spanish: The residence of the Ambassador of the United States, a national historic monument

Mauricio Macri made statement in the Official Gazette so that the residence of the Ambassador of the United States of America confirmed as a national historic landmark. Now you must speak the National Commission of monuments, places and historical assets to confirm the decision.” “The relationship of Argentine – American, initiated in the sprouting of the 19th century, was consolidating along the same and not only at the institutional level but also in disciplines where there were growing connections and exchanges”, ensures the release.
Among other things, the presentation signed by Macri says that “by the year 1900 the development of both countries, the leadership each exerted at the ends of the continent and a growing awareness of Pan American, made the need for dialogue between States “United and the Argentina Republic appeared as an important component of the international political scene”. The residence was acquired in 1929 once the Ambassador of the United States of America, Robert Woods Bliss, proposed the purchase of Palace Ernesto Bosch, who agreed to sell it to the Government as a venue for its Embassy in the city of Buenos Aires After having inhabited the place since 1917.

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