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BUENOS AIRES (AP) – Mauricio Macri recalled excited veiled brush at the Teatro Colon with the leaders of the G20. But the Argentine President, moving safely in the international sphere, also acknowledged the deterioration of the economy of his country and admitted that you must convince his countrymen that the path of reforms undertaken is the ‘correct’ to be reelected in 2019.en an interview exclusively with The Associated Press on Monday, Macri recalled the scene lived on Friday in the largest Argentine lyric Hall when the Presidents and heads of Government of the United States, Germany, France and other nations enjoyed the show “art with which your host feted them.” I saw her (Merkel) Angela rapt and Xi (Jinping) also and Donald (Trump)… All they told me: ‘the best night I lived at the G-20’… Donald told me: ‘ why so short? We wanted to keep it ‘ “, said Macri.” He added that when the end of the gala artists began to shout “Argentina, Argentina” from the stage, he could not help crying. “I turned. It was impossible to not tip”.

Photo Twitter Macri said his pride by the Summit which ended on Saturday in the capital of argentina with a consensus document – in the middle of the trade between the United States and China war, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the controversy surrounding the saudi Prince by the a journalist’s murder – and which passed peacefully. “We have never had this level of attention.” At the same time, he stressed 17 bilateral meetings during the Summit to show “the world wants to participate, you want to be associated with Argentina”. The President said that the investments planned in the country based on the signed agreements will add $ 8,000 million which will focus on the areas of energy, road infrastructure, mining and value-added services. Macri and Chinese President announced dozens of trade agreements during a State visit Sunday after the G-20. China is among the main export markets of Argentina, especially for agricultural products that are the engine of its economy, and is also one of the largest lenders in the South American country. There have been doubts about whether Argentina can strengthen its ties with Beijing without provoking a negative response from Washington. But Macri said that it does not have to choose between one or the other. “I’m going to work with the two because the two will help to give a chance to the Argentines. I go to work with the whole world because I believe that,”he said. But the President admitted that his country a crisis that deepened with a devaluation that said, “was a disaster”.
The President said that more to seduce his countrymen for the general elections of next year, will go with “the truth”. “That does not mean that everyone is convinced vote me, what I want is that they are convinced that I’m here to try to help them,” he said.

“But acknowledged the effects of the adjustment policies of his Government to achieve zero deficit in 2019 – amid inflation, which this year will exceed 40% and an increase of the unemployment, considered that they are necessary to return to growth.” “I have to pass the Argentines this conviction that I have about that is here (the road) and without anyone give you anything, costing you, because it is laying one brick above the other”, said.

The President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, listens to a question during an interview with The Associated Press at the Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Monday, December 3, 2018. (AP Photo / Ricardo Mazalan)

Referring to the former President and current Senator Cristina Fernández (2007-2015), who is his electoral rival harder, despite court cases for alleged corruption which Corral it President said that he does not believe “that the Argentines most want to return to the” past”. Macri, who in polls appears tied in voting intention with Fernandez, said that the strong support that even the opposition Senator harvest is based on populist policies.” “It is logical that she has a number of people (which supports it), which was benefited by giving arbitrarily at the expense of the future”, said the President. Populism “does not give you as genuine, but that seizes society savings and mortgage the future.”  Despite the fact that the image of Macri suffered a sharp fall since April, largely by the economic recession, the President announced his intention to be reelected. Fernandez has not defined his candidacy, although many of those who supported his Presidency want it or take it for granted.
Macri considered that the crisis will revert but refused to give estimates on growth.

“Do most forecasts when everything is changing… inflation is going down.” The economy will grow slowly again. Join us and do everything possible to make it as soon as possible,”he said. Argentina suffered a devaluation of its currency closely by 50% this year, forcing the Government to turn to the International Monetary Fund to receive an aid of more than 57,000 million dollars. To this was added inflation, which overheated the social protests. On poverty, which affects a third of the population and is the greatest pending issue for his Government, Macri said that his “commitment is to reduce it,” and said that “it is not easy” because Argentina “had all the distorted relative prices”, the exchange rate was set by the Government and the market was restricted and there was a multi-million-dollar legal dispute with its creditors, among other stumbling blocks that was stirring after coming to power. The President said to be on “alert” about the possibility of violence in December, the month which in Argentina tends to be troubled by the increase of the popular claims to the proximity of the Navidad.indico that this violence is not” spontaneous”and that in the same way that worked the intelligence services and security forces to ensure security at the G20 Summit” we are vigilant and work to which these groups trying to disturbing the peace, stop this process of change ” not to succeed.” In this note:

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