translated from Spanish: Breeze cries of hunger and cold, their parents just can give beans and soup

Monterrey, Mexico-what more Dilan likes is riding a bike and walk around your town, but as it does not have one, can only do it when someone lends you. With his family, this small 9 years living in Las Delicias, in Galeana.ahi, 28 families, including he, suffer from food insecurity and are identified by the hunger initiative zero Nuevo León and the Caritas Food Bank of Monterrey.Mientras your MOM prepare soup, Dilan Gets the hat of the sweatshirt and shivering cold. On his side are his brother Alan, 4 years old, and his sister breeze, 2 years, who cries of hunger. The House is very cold. Carmen Morales, mother of the children, says that his spouse works in the cultivation of the potato. Win a 700 pesos per week, which barely reaches them to eat beans, soup and egg.
Cold and hunger, Dilan attends primary school warmly and said that when I grow, you want to become engineer.

It has that you feel proud to be the older brother. With your help, Alan has been learned to ride a bike and together they play to carts, wrestling and football, although his ball is model and the few toys that are broken. Breeze dolls are the same that played her mother when she was a girl.” This was, which I liked, but it broke”Dilan says with sadness when removing a broken Transformer. When asked what you would like to receive for Christmas, says that caddies for his brother and for him a red bicycle, his favorite color. The motorcycles are the favorite toy of Alan, but just one to which you fall off the rims. For these three brothers, receive this Christmas a toy in the hands of the footballer Santa Clos is unthinkable… or not? It participates in the organized campaign by the North, Caritas of Monterrey and the initiative hunger zero Nuevo León.[[¡Sus cartitas !]]-Dilan, 9 years – a bike (red) and some toy line Transformers. Size 8 and shoes of the 22Alan, 4 years – a remote control and motorcycle cart. Size 4 and the 17Brisa shim, 2 years-dolls. Size 2 and need diapers in this note:

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