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OS BRE based on good and bad experiences, we have learned that the integral performance of an organization is crucial. Consumers give their preference based on trust and transparency, in a world connected and attentive to reward or punish. Transparency in the companies act is key to project long term.
When we say that we want to feed the sustainability we mean that I seek to set a standard of how things in the food industry should be. Issues such as the transfer of best practices to our suppliers, the promotion of local initiatives or the traceability of our offer are key in this effort.
In the case of our supermarket chains, confidence has been built on the basis of quality and service, in the knowledge of the preferences of consumers and we have been consistent in expanding the range of our offer on a permanent basis. We complement the development of healthy products with search providers that deliver a supply of food; In addition to pushing the development of a sustainable operation with the care of the environment.
Jumbo works with more than 700 small suppliers, at the national level, which is equivalent to almost 40% of the suppliers, whom we consider part of our company.
Today we are talking about conscious supply, a concept that incorporates relations from long-term and field work, which ensures that each product, whether from the North or South of the country, meets all standards of a conscious production with the community and its environment .
In this way were able to visualize the opportunity that gives us the be demanding with which we develop and this form become transformers agents and leadership to innovate in the search for solutions to the challenges we face as a society. Small and large suppliers, sustainable products, food quality and freshness, will enable us to continue feeding thousands of Chileans with a noble purpose, which is to deliver the best of our Earth and the world, in the length and breadth of our country.

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