translated from Spanish: Pablo Moyano on independent vs. mouth: «Is an attack of Macri on the Moyano»

continue to the tail of the defeat of Independiente before Superliga mouth to speak. After strong criticism of Ariel Holan in Conference of press and the controversial tweet posted by the official account of the club, Pablo Moyano went further and mixed what happened on the field with politics.» I go more by failures, all the effort that we do and then comes a cheeky like this, they rob us of two penalties in the face, nullified us a goal, but that’s because Hugo and I are opposed to the national Government», fired the current holder of truckers in passion Red .
About this continued: «It is an attack of Macri, through Tapia, against independent and truckers in the Federal, all judgments against the Moyano and the clubs we drive,» pointed out, where I included the team of the Union, which also had arbitrations with a OME against failures. Then it was the turn of refer on the referee of the classic, which ended in victory for Boca 1-0 with a goal by Edwin Cardona, where some moves to the limit were favorable for the visitor. «Herrera will have had thousands of reasons to charge that,» Moyano said in this regard. In this note:

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