translated from Spanish: Carrio proposes that the use of weapons is being discussed in Congress

the Congresswoman Elisa Carrio proposed today to analyse the resolution that more flexible the use of firearms by the security forces to «transform it into law in the framework of the Congress Na International after a proper debate». In a long text published on social networks, the leader of the Civic Coalition awarded «currently the situation requires some type of interim measure to remedy flaws which checked out to the Security agent who must use his weapon». However, he insisted that «these provisional rules not can in no case violate the constitutional precepts, and must also be agreed upon by the different political forces belonging to the Government, because it is a policy of high significance national». 

For the Chaco, a matter which will cover «the possibility of causing the death of an offender or accidentally from an innocent, may not be a simple Ministerial Resolution».  The leader clarified that it was not his intention to «unprotect the agent security or police in the execution of their duties», but rather «provide clear and appropriate rules to protect the subsequent consequences that their actions».

We demand the Executive power that rescission Bullrich new regulations on use of firearms by the security forces and that the amendments are discussed at the Congress. This resolution is a democratic setback, and puts at risk the entire population— Mónica Macha (@MoniMacha) 5 of December of 2018 this order coincides with some sectors of the opposition who asked that the legal framework of the ministerial decree is being discussed in the National Congress. Even Amnesty International requested that, if the resolution is necessary, it must undergo before legislatures. In this article:

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