translated from Spanish: He killed his spouse to collect insurance and start a new life

United Kingdom.-a man killed his spouse to collect life insurance and then start a new life with her secret boyfriend. According to Clarín the man who killed his spouse had a six-year relationship with another man’s name Amit a doctor of Indian origin, both had plans of moving to Australia and have a child together. The young killer’s name Mitesh Patel was sentenced to life in prison for the brutal feminicide registered on 14 May this year. Had the victim by name Jessica, she and Mitesh managed a pharmacy, life insurance was 2.5 million dollars. The killing of the spouse planned it as an assault failed in their property, near the pharmacy who administered the plan however did not start as expected since an application for the iPhone which solved the crime call «Health», it is a program that registers the user steps during the day, and the couple used it to know where was each one, ironically by security. The application was determined that Mitesh indicated a lot activity, running around the House, while the victim was still what raised suspicions the researchers. Also the pharmacist had written: «I need to kill my spouse»; «they can kill 3 mm of insulin»; ‘hindu funeral for a murdered woman’, was what authorities found in searches on Google for Mitesh Patel.Cabe history to highlight that the murderer and the victim had frozen embryos at a clinic in Darlington and Mitesh thought to use them to have a child with her lover.

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