translated from Spanish: Jorge Tarud: «Evo Morales intends to govern more years that Pinochet’

The former Chairman of the Commission for Foreign Affairs, Jorge Tarud, criticized the decision of the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, seek re-election again in their country, a situation which he described as an embarrassment for Latin America.
«What has made Evo Morales is violating its own Constitution, where a plebiscite of the Bolivian people told him that he could not be a candidate. Today has reconfirmed that he will be a candidate and is an embarrassment to all Latin America», stressed the former parliamentarian.
At this same point, Tarud adds that Morales «aims to govern more years that Pinochet and doing it in a dictatorial way. «We have obviously 2 shames in Latin America: ripe with all falsifications, the repression that makes the opponents and all this dictatorial behavior, and today, we have Evo Morales».
In addition, it called upon the Chilean Foreign Ministry to show their dissatisfaction with this decision of the leader of the neighboring country. «I think that Chile cannot keep silent to this blatant violation of democracy of the Bolivian people. I think that the Government of Chile has to emit at least one public statement condemning this attack on the Democrats in Latin America.»

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