translated from Spanish: The sister of «Lanyard» talked about his controversial departure from «Simply everything»

the surprise that followed the news that Eduardo «Cabito» Massa Alcántara would the «Simply everything» program was succeeded by a controversy between the comedian and the driver, Matías Martin.Fue journalist who announced the game and who the comedian not dedicated to him a sentence in his extensive farewell via Instagram. After some days, and after hearing the words of concern from the cycle driver, finally thanked her job opportunities.

Now, a publication of Alejandra Nora, sister of «Lanyard», would provide another clue about the unexpected exit of the radial cycle. A photo shared their stories of Instagram which see them hugging was accompanied by a short text that began with the hashtag #TodosSomosCabito.» Proud to be your sister and the man that you are. You liked or not, this man was sick at times without being able to walk, healthy, happy, creative, funny, giving everything and being authentic to the place that was his Mecca with his ‘friends’ «, starts the writing.

The storie of Alejandra Instagram, sister of «Lanyard» and continues: «sad end for a team that, for me, was always MM (Matías Martin), GS (Gabriel Schultz) and Cape. Thank you for all the words of love that fill you the soul». The absence of Diego Ripoll in that «team» feeds rumors that disengagement from the humorist’s Radio Metro had to do with the bad relationship he maintained with co-driver.

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