translated from Spanish: They arrested a fan of River by the attack on the Boca micro

after several raids in La Matanza, police determined the arrest of Sebastián Matías Nicolás Firpo as one of the perpetrators of the attack on vandalism to Boca Junior micro s in the arrival at the stadium Monumental.En early reports detailed that the 31-year-old man does not belong to the barra brava of the institution of Nuñez and which in recent days had changed their physical appearance, with the intention of diverting the investigation. 

Firpo was one of the authors of the attacks to the micro’s River. Photo: NA the Public Prosecutor issued a statement on the arrest of Firpo. ensuring quq was accused by the Prosecutor Adriana Bellavigna, in charge of the criminal prosecution, Contraventional and fouls No. 6 and detailed the list of offences is notably «aggravated damage to have place in the context of a sporting spectacle; aggravated intentional slight injuries; «damage aggravated, because it is a public good and an attempt on the authority», among others. Then he added about the delay in the arrest, «because Matías Sebastián Nicolás Firpo changed their physical appearance after the incidents, the researchers had to try with different photos taken from social networks that show physical changes of the accused during the Monthsall this note:

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