translated from Spanish: Alberto Kassis evaluates its future in Copesa: “I’m seeing what I do”

are few times in talking with the press and few also those that meets publicly with authorities. This, despite its proximity to certain political bastions. It’s Alberto Kassis Sabag, the entrepreneur who received yesterday to the Minister of finance, Felipe Larraín, at its factory in Avenida Pudahuel sausages, where between canapes sausages are palmotearon back. “This is the kind of jobs that the Government of President Piñera wants to believe they”, praised the Secretary of State.
Kassis, proudly shows its factory, which was founded more than 50 years ago. “Here to those who met 50 years working, which already are two employees, we give them a Mazda”, has pleased. It is believed that the labor reform, but does not support the companies, does not touch them too. They just close the collective negotiation of two areas of the company. All the factory call him “don” Alberto. He does not call the factory, but a family business. His two daughters and his spouse participating firm directory. Why, open up to the bag or enter the matrix of the preferred partners and San Jorge is not in their plans.
In the reproach, which included salami sandwich, Kassis brings its tradition: serves Arab sweets to the guests. She says goodbye gladly the Minister and converses with a couple of journalists who recognize it. The rest of the press not pay attention, despite its importance in the business world.
The businessman was part of the group named as 10 mosques, Arab men who surprised the market at the end of the 80s to buy the banco Osorno. Also part of that group the entrepreneur Álvaro Saieh, his partner until today in the media Copesa holding integrated. Saieh would then begin its life as a renowned banker.
The latest news was the exit in the direction of the third from Juan Pablo Larrain. It would be replaced in office by José Luis Santa María, who is still not ratified in the post. Part of the reasons would be demands that Kassis is doing in Copesa. It has never gotten too, but it would have a firm decision: does not want that Copesa remains a bottomless.
Kassis was named by the press as the businessman Pinochet closer to Michelle Bachelet. Indeed, they had neighboring houses in the South with the former President. Also, two former Ministers of the dictatorship – which he calls ‘military Government’ – are part of your company directory: Carlos Cáceres and Hernán Büchi.
The entrepreneur is also a part of the directory of the Pinochet Foundation, where he participated as an adviser. Despite this, always has been recognized by its cordiality and transversality, both so with the former President met several times more than the holiday context, on dinners and meetings in the Palestinian Embassy.
His projects for CIAL, the matrix which also groups Winter, are investing about $20 million in a modern factory for 2019. In this complex has already invested more than US $100 million. Its main business, but also share one of olive oil with his friend José Said (Controller of Parque Arauco) entrepreneur, it invests in blueberries and Chilean horses and, of course, Arabs.
“I have felt it well (to the Government) and see that there is confidence, there is peace of mind with this Government and hope that allow to make investment and continue to grow the country. To us we are interested that the country grow, there is higher consumption in all kinds of things and that favors us as food company”, said the counter markets.
The entrepreneur, who owns the real estate San Benito and synergy, Lancay reserve the agricultural and agribusiness Alka, owns 16.6% of the owner of La Tercera newspaper Consortium and long that he hovered the rumor of their intention to dispose of the package .
Copesa pain means living a time difficult and stormy and, between layoffs and closures, Copesa is one of the boats sailing in a crisis that has led him to rethink. Jorge Andrés Saieh – son of the head of the holding company – today directs the gait of the conglomerate, which has taken a series of decisions to curb what is baptized behind the scenes as a historic year of losses.
The closure of the paper what’s wrong and Paula version, the total reformulation of the fourth, and adjustments in pulse and the hour, have been part of the decisions. The arrival of the former rector of the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Andrés Benítez and Carolina Schmidt, who left the ship early to go to the Government, promised an improvement of health that still fails.
The latest news was the exit in the direction of the third from Juan Pablo Larrain. It would be replaced in office by José Luis Santa María, who is still not ratified in the post. Part of the reasons would be demands that Kassis is doing in Copesa. It has never gotten too, but it would have a firm decision: does not want that Copesa remains a bottomless.
It has made its findings arrive through your representative in the directory, the lawyer Luis Gutiérrez. Capital magazine cited in a report that the arrival of Santa Maria ad had been delayed, not for doubt in his abilities, but by “proprietary differences that from 2014, the two partners of the conglomerate drag: since that year, Alberto Kassis has tried” unsuccessfully to sell its 16.6% to its partner, Álvaro Saieh, who holds 83.3% of the media group. “But they have failed to reach agreement on prices and some say that the owner of Cial food would have to veto the appointment of the director of La Tercera and top executives”.
And that option out of the medium today is current. Although Kassis does not want to tarnish his illustrious and single day he says succinctly to not make more comments about Copesa. “I’m in a situation where I’m watching what you do…” The medium is not an easy business”, he assured the counter markets while activity unfolded.
Costs would be part of the unwavering mandate to the executives in charge of the ship. Despite the fact that the medium has made strong personal settings, the industry indicates that in March a new grip would come in Copesa, of the hand of your digital project implementation. He was evaluated to digitize also the third from Monday to Thursday, but option would be ruled out for the moment.
In periods of crisis, Kassis also wanted to sell its stake. Thus, in August 2014, the entrepreneur had intended to sell their shares. “Kassis would have valued its share in around US $17 million, based on that once Copesa was valued at $120 million”, then it was pointed out. The price would be stone butt for the output of the entrepreneur. Copesa today is a mystery. Although it has an infinite number of brands, it has greater assets. He sold part of his land a couple of years for real estate developments (in its former headquarters in calle Ñuble) and disposed of the jewels of the Crown, which was the grant of some of their radios. Carolina mega sale would have taken nearly $10 million.
With a historical loss year, doubt persists about what is the true value of the company. This, despite the fact that two families of the colony – emerging groups – have expressed their intention to buy the shares. The employer also maintains a stake in the digital medium the Libero.

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