translated from Spanish: Ensure Eguillor «despises the female gender» and ask that prisoner

follow the lawyer of Lourdes, the young woman of 22 years who reported having been raped a few weeks ago by Rodrigo Eguillor, in a Department of San Telmo, confirmed this morning that soli It will be mentioned to the public prosecutor involved in the case that the PR follow in prison. Eguillor was detained last night, after verbally assaulting the Attorney Esteban Echeverría, Verónica Pérez, who ordered his arrest for «resisting authority» and «incidents». And at the same time, the Buenos Aires public prosecutor Eduardo Cubría charged for sexual abuse, unlawful deprivation of liberty and damages.» Only with hear it or see it we realize that it is a very violent person, a person who lies and that he tried to create an alibi for excluparse, and I do not think that it is easy to overcome», said Burlando.
«Every ‘No’ to this man by Lourdes, was a situation of extreme violence, that comes to force it as it forced her.» It is a real animal.»

Eguillor was arrested last night, «resisting authority» and «incidents» lawyer said that «it is not the first time that Eguillor deprives a person of freedom or the first time you have an incident of this kind in the justice». As counted, its date of lecture: «it is a girl who is now receiving in the career of advertising, is a consistent person and was deceived and forced on two occasions to have sex». The lawyer added that young «asked help from the first time he came to this sinister place, which had no way out». In this note:

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