translated from Spanish: Funeral of George H. w. Bush: tensions behind the historical photo of four U.S. Presidents together (and other highlights)

Among them it’s been 22 years living in the White House and they have now shared a wooden bench in the United States National Cathedral during the funeral of the former President G eorge HW Bush.
It is not very often that so many commanders in Chief, the past and the present of USA, gather in one place.
It is something that may occur very occasionally during, for example, a Uribe’s funeral or the opening of a Presidential Library.
Legacy George H. W. Bush left United States and the rest of the world how came to power the clan Bush, the second political dynasty in the United States after the Kennedy during the funeral Wednesday of George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States had four Presidents in the first row.
When George W. Bush arrived and sat with his family on the other side of the temple, raised to five the number of representatives present, and increased to 30 the number of years that were occupying the White House.
The meaning of the moment is not escaped some.

Image copyright @TVTye @TVTYE in spite of this, the exchange between the current President, Donald Trump, and the rest seemed tense, which is not surprising given history in its relations.
But what exactly happened?
Not everyone gave Trump hand and the first lady, Melania, were the last to arrive. When they occupied their places in the front bench gave the hand to President Barack Obama and his spouse Michelle.
Europe Lady greeted Trump educated but cold manner.
Copyright of the imagenGETTY IMAGESImage captionTrump and Michelle Obama gave the hand.

Image copyright @YahooNews @YAHOONEWS in a recent interview, Michelle Obama said that he would never forgive the current President for having promoted the false theory that their spouse was not born in the United States.
At least publicly there was no handshake between Hillary Clinton, who was sitting on the other side of the Obama, and Donald Trump.
She was sitting facing and, apparently, his gaze not crossed with of his opponent in the presidential election of 2016. It was their first encounter since the takeover of Trump in January 2017.
Copyright of the imagenGETTY IMAGESImage captionGeorge W. Bush approached to say hello to each one of those present in the front row. The 2016 election campaign was marked by roughness between the two candidates. In their meetings, Trump asked that Clinton was imprisoned by the use of a mail server private for the management of public affairs.
“Shut it,” was a common cry among those attending the public events of the Tycoon during the campaign.
But the first lady, Melania Trump, if former President Bill Clinton gave a handshake and greeted Hillary with a gesture of her hand, which she was nodding his head.
The arrival of the fifth President George W. Bush, the son of the deceased President, greeted with a handshake upon arrival at each of those present in the front row.
It gave the impression that gave something to Michelle Obama, probably a candy, as did earlier at the funeral of Senator John McCain.

Image copyright @CBSNews @CBSNEWS Toda spat between the Trump and the Bush seemed forgotten during this day was a celebration in honor of a former President, a father and a war hero.
In the past, Donald Trump scoffed at the “low energy” of Jeb Bush and mocked President George W. Bush.
“Blowhard”: harsh opinion of the Bush about Trump that the White House defended the President of USA
But this week it lavished praise Bush father and sending one of the iconic aircraft presidential to carry his coffin from Texas.
As he has been reported, George H. W. Bush himself wanted the current occupant of the White House – who was not invited to the funeral of Senator John McCain, for example–to be present at his funeral.
Other notable meetings of U.S. leaders copyright of the imagenGETTY IMAGESImage captionLos Clinton, the Bush, the Reagan, the Carter and the Ford at the funeral of Richard Nixon in 1994.A root of the iconic image during the funeral of George H. W. Bush, the journal The New York Times gave an account of some of the recent occasions in which several Presidents of the United States had gathered: the inauguration of the Presidential Library of Ronald Reagan in California in 1991: came the President incumbent George H. W. Bush, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and the Reagan himself.
The funeral of Richard Nixon in California in 1994: attended by Bill Clinton, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush.
Opening of the memorial for Ronald Reagan in Washington in 2004: George W. Bush, Carter, H. W. Bush, and Clinton.
Opening of the library George W. Bush in Texas in 2013: Barack Obama, Bush the son, Clinton, Bush father and Carter.
Meeting in favour of recovery efforts after Hurricane Harvey in 2017 in Texas: Obama, Bush the son, Clinton, Bush father and Carter.
All Vice Presidents since 1977 at the funeral on Wednesday, there was also a large attendance of former United States Vice
As noted by Ari Fleischer, who was White House spokesman during the administration of George W. Bush, attended all the exvicepresidentes that this country has had since 1977: Walter Mondale, Dan Quayle, Al Gore, Dick Cheney, Joe Biden, and Mike Pence.
The only Vice President missed was that he worked with Ronald Reagan: George H.W. Bush.

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