translated from Spanish: In Morelia, assailants kill member of family furniture

manufacturer Morelia, Michoacan.-during a violent RAID, unknown criminals murdered young member of a family furniture manufacturer, situation that occurred around 11:30 hours on April 13 in the colony Thursday, corresponding to the Michoacán capital.
At least three armed thugs came to the outside of a winery located in the aforementioned Cologne, a few meters from the highway Morelia – Tzintzuntzan, place where the today affected were aboard a van Ford, grey color.
It transpired that the thugs forced citizens to descend, but one of the subjects as the now deceased delayed due to the fact that she was suffering from a physical disability, shot him.
Consecutively the others injured were taken to the interior of the building and there the bandits robbed them a considerable amount of money and finally escaped with the loot, police sources, they said.
The victims severely injured and inert to your loved one they warned the emergency number 911 for help, then was attended by municipal police officers and State motopatrulleros, who took note of what had happened and asked for an ambulance.

Paramedics regulator Center of emergency medical (CRUM) arrived to the area and confirmed the death of whom responded to the name of Jesus loving, of 29 years of age, then arrived at the scene of the crime (UEEC), which was in charge of the respective specialized unit investigations and sent the body to the morgue.

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