translated from Spanish: 2 years without Matías Kruger, the footballer’s mouth who died electrocuted in the subway

“the morning of December 7, my house phone rang and woke me up. My mom attended. I remember that I asked him who he was and he told me ‘wrong’. The bride, my brother, my uncle, my father arrived at five minutes. I was told that Matthias had died. They were those who had called earlier, to warn my mom were coming to give me the news”, as well as remember Juliana Lopez (29) the day of the tragedy in which lost her boyfriend and with it, his project of raising a family. But that December 7 was not only Juliana which suffered. Four small children were left without his brother and Alejandro Krüger was left without her son. Matias inherited the father’s work, made the same maintenance tasks that Kruger further, with the difference that the H-line has two workshops – located a few meters away – and sometimes when Alejandro was one, his son Matias was in another… as the day e n who received the 1500 Volt.” I went with a coworker for the workshop where it was Mati and when we are coming out the supervisor saying that Matias had been electrocuted. Then I dropped the world below”, recalled Alejandro in dialogue with Filo.News,”I feel much guilt for having gotten to work there and I am going to live life with that.”

Matías Kruger also trained with the selection Argentina of futsal “Justice gave it as that was the fault of Mati, but that day the supervisor who was on duty (by Marcelo Cuttri) committed many failures,” said Alejandro Kruger.El procedure in the workshop is the sig doiibt: just enter the training, which is carried out in the workshop have to receive and must cut electricity so that operators can work. “That 7 December – 1.20 of the madrugrada-the supervisor wasn’t there and platform was not in position to operate, but a formation entered equal to the workshop and electric shock struck down Mati”.” To four years which my son worked in the underground, was previously in another sector, but in the workshop was his last two years”, said the Pope.  
“I know that Matthias was prepared for the work he did and was not an error of the,” Juliana said.

“I want to continue to fight for Justice, but I am delegated to the subway, and I know that this is transformed into a political thing.” It is difficult to pull against a monopoly which is Metrovías and the Government of the city”, continued the Pope.” It should change from lawyer, I believe it, that is who we should defend, tranzó with them. “Look what I think”, was questioned.

Matías with the number 6 shirt, playing power forward and his last team was Boca Juniors have their own House and moving in with his girlfriend “Matias wanted to buy their home and have a normal life,” said the Pope. And 24-year-old was about to achieve it. It had approved a mortgage and moving with the wedding for January date, but fate did not allow it is, either of the two.  “That night before going to the workshop passed by my house to search for food, because I lived near there. It seized the tupper, gave me a kiss and left. He instantly returned to and from the door told me ‘tomorrow SAC passages, we are going to fulfill our dream to Disney’. “I got the news I, very surprised and I went to sleep”, recalled Juliana. “At a time when I woke up I looked at my phone and had no Mati message.” He always talked about me at night or I warned when he arrived at the House by insecurity and the time stranger who was driving, then I read it when I woke. That night as I had nothing, I sent you… and never answered, obviously”, lamented who was his girlfriend for a year and a half. 
“This fails. One is taking it day to day. There are times that one is a little better, other worse. I am 29 years old and I closed my love. I don’t think about raising a family. Is that I have a life ahead and perhaps tomorrow will be with someone, maybe when indicated. From day one I’m with psychologist and I’m still – less frequently – but I have great force,”stressed Juliana Lopez.” Dates to my I weigh much and I am from show me that I’m doing well in front of everyone. Both the birthday and anniversary would rather be single, quiet. Over it is close to the holidays.”

Matias and Alejandro Kruger “is a shit in life. My lady is with psychological treatment and pills, that has it more or less sedated,”Alejandro said. “I keep by my family, by my two sons more little ones (from 7 to 13 years) and by my wife.” But there are days that you got no win no. Do not wish it on my worst enemy. It is a wound that will never close.”
“I feel dead in life,” Alejandro Kruger. 

27 March 1992 – December 7, 2016 Joan, it is the penultimate Kruger clan brother and today is 13 years old. It turns on 6 December and the year of tragedy he was organizing his celebration with the help of Mati and was organized to perform it on December 8. But his brother died 7.” Or he wants to celebrate his birthday now. “Miss you are crying, it is hard”, said the Pope. “You have to follow, but for outside”, concluded. In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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