translated from Spanish: Already feel Christmas in Los Reyes, Michoacán

Los Reyes, Michoacan.-before the proximity of the holidays and end of year, staff of the Directorate of public services and the Directorate of parks and gardens, carried out the placement of various eleme many ornamental alluding to holiday in this city’s main square.
Rebbeca Pineda Alanis, director of public services and Jorge Patiño, head of parks and gardens, personally oversaw efforts that aim at the gardens of the plaza, which is visited daily by hundreds of people, looking for agreement to the Christmas spirit.
Placed the traditional flowers Easter, spheres, bright Christmas figures and gardening designs that provide an image that matches this holiday season, both day and night at the central garden of the city.
“We know what they represent these celebrations for the whole population and in particular to children; “so what we want is that when families come to spend a bit of living to our beautiful plaza, they feel lights, the colorful and those as distinctive elements of Christmas”, said Pineda Alanis.
In the same sense, the director of parks and gardens invited to citizenship in general these ornaments, which in the end are all to join care: “dads asked us to help that children who do not destroy us ornaments and mantengamo” “s our square in the best possible conditions”, was completed.
Source: Monitor Expresso

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